Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What is ArtScene

ArtScene is the upcoming arts and lifestyle publication from the people who bring you the Cariboo Advisor. It's about what's going on in your community, in your country, and around the world. It's about everything that's fun and frivolous, like music and movies, food and drink, art exhibits and theatre. And it's being designed with the very same fun and frivolous fare that is its focus.

And what exactly does that mean? It means you're going to enjoy the heck out of reading it. Or so we're all really, really hoping.

The first issue hits the streets the first week of May. We don't want to give away too many details about it quite yet, but you can look forward to feature stories on the upcoming Williams Lake Studio Theatre production of "Looking for Normal" and some shopping suggestions for Mother's Day, along with a whole lot more good stuff.

And if you want to help us out with our Mother's Day feature, we're looking for letters from *you* about your mother. Tell us why your mother is the coolest person on earth, or tell us how she scarred you for life -- it makes no difference to us. Just tell us about your mom. And tell us by email at artscene@caribooadvisor.com.

And check back here from time to time for updates on the production of our very first issue, stories that were deemed too racy to see print, and all sorts of other rubbish.


Thomas said...

OK, now I'm confused... followed the link on page 11 of the Advisor...got to the blog site and now I'm reading about an arts scene publication coming. Is it a print as in ink-on-paper publication? Or is there more coming on this blog site?
In any case, its great to get more info and promote the arts. I've just finished an inventory study of the Arts, Culture & Heritage sector industries in the Cariboo-Chilcotin and its amazing how many creative and artistic folks we have living here...keep it coming!
Cheers, t0m

Todd said...

The answer to your question is: Both. Both an ink-on-paper publication, as well as more content for the blog.

If all goes according to our plans, the ink-on-paper publication should be out the first week of May, to be followed with more issues on a monthly basis. The blog will contain insights into the production process, rants about the production process, and original content that didn't make the final edit of the print product.

At least that's the plan at this moment in time.

t0m said...

Hey todd, sounds good...may is coming fast. looking forward to your first publication. please keep wells/barkerville in mind when researching/reporting on the arts. lots going on there this summer...(sorry for the plug, I just love that place and had to throw this in).