Sunday, May 6, 2007

One down, potentially hundreds to go...

Well the first ArtScene is on the stands, in the hands of the community at large, and I am thrilled to see it in it's form. Being involved from the go ahead to now and beyond is an exciting ride.

It seems like just the other day that Todd and I sat over drinks banging out what was to become the content of the first issue of ArtScene. The level of anticipation was high then, as I took on my parts. I have been a little rusty in writing, and it was good to get into the swing of things, and at the same time, scary as hell putting it back into use. I can remember, as a youth, writing about everything and anything. Short stories, poetry, ramblings, scripts, and then putting it down for a long time. It is so good to be getting the gears going again. Who said you can't be creative and have a career?

I am very happy to report that the reviews for the first ArtScene Newspaper have been phenomenal. We have received many kudos for the paper, for the content, for the writing, and for the concept in general. I can't wait to get going on the next one. It really is a great publication. If you haven't seen one yet, you should definitely pick one up.

Our next agenda is getting together again for another content meeting. The weekends meeting has been postponed, though we will be mapping it out much sooner rather than later. The hopes are for a bigger publication, so we are wanting to be prepared with enough entertaining content to keep you, the readers, and us, the writers, amused and coming back for more. Because, let me tell you, it is just as fun to write it for you, as, hopefully, it is to pick up and read.

Here is to another fantastic issue!


Sheryl-Lynn said...

So, I may be the only one, aside from you and Todd, that read the blog, but oh well.

I was perusing ArtScene in a staffroom today, and again noticed the number of titillating and bouncy pictures of gorgeous women/moms in your little mag. I'm hoping that, in celebration of father's day, there will just as many pictures of manly beefcake.

Fair's fair, afterall.

Todd said...

Yes, there was a bit of inequality between cheesecake and beefcake in the first issue of ArtScene (mostly blamed on the fact that it was put together by a male who doesn't care much for staring at photos of chiseled pecs or what not while he's working on a publication). While we're not currently planning much in the way of Father's Day coverage, we may try to up the beefcake quotient a touch. Because you're right, fair is fair.

As for you being the only one reading the blog -- c'est la vie. The first issue's only been around for a short time. So hopefully we'll see a bit more traffic in the coming months. Though even if we should be flooded by visitors and comments, we will always appreciate your patronage.