Thursday, May 17, 2007

What to expect from ArtScene #2

The brainstorming is done, and we now have a pretty firm idea of the sort of content that you'll be seeing in the second action-packed edition of the ArtScene. We don't want to give too much away (because, obviously, if we did, you wouldn't have any reason to pick it up from your local newsstands) but we can let you in on a few things.

Coincidentally, our two themes this month almost interconnect, making the June issue of ArtScene *almost* a summer travel guide. We'll be featuring a list of festivals going on in and around the area for the next few months, in case you'd like to attend some of them, and we'll be putting around a survival guide for the William Lake Stampede for those who don't care much for the rodeo. Because not everyone is real big on the cowboy thing, but not everyone remembers that there's more to the stampede than cowboys on horses. There's also cowgirls in tight jeans.

There will also be a wrap-up of the Central Interior Zone drama festival from two sides of the same coin — the Williams Lake Studio Theatre's production of "Sylvia," and the Williams Lake Studio Theatre's production of "Looking for Normal." This feature will include the work of our first unpaid freelancer, so be nice to her.

On top of all this good stuff will be the regular features you're already coming to know and love — movie reviews, Dr. Cranky, contests, and more.

ArtScene #2 will be on the stands in June.

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