Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Issue #2 is in your hands (and if not, why not?)

ArtScene #2 went to press Monday night and should be on the streets as of today. Go find a copy. It's awesome beyond words.

I swear, on Tuesday night, after the Quesnel paper and the Williams Lake paper went to press, I actually felt the stress physically lift from my body. It was a really strange experience, and was immediately followed with an almost overwhelming exhaustion. Which led to much good sleeping last night, and vague sense of contentment today, for those interested.

Just dropping in a quick update for what you'll be finding on the blog here in the next few days. We're going to be doing some interviews with the musicians who'll be playing at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival, and we'll be looking for suggestions for things to ask them. As well, look for a review of Hostel 2 (which will likely turn into a rant about the "torture porn" label that some critics have been slapping on movies late), a discussion of the finale of the Sopranos, and a story that didn't make the cut for the print edition of ArtScene #2. And, of course, other miscellaneous silliness.

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