Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It does have it's perks

As we are getting ready to put out the next ArtScene, with all the chaos and deadline hairiness, it is good to note that the paper does have it's perks. A couple of us were treated, last night, to a fantastic dinner at and tour of a nearby resort. Which one? Not going to tell you, but you can read about it in the next ArtScene. The food was lovely, the scenery divine. I know where my next get-away is going to be. God knows I need one.
It is good to remember sometimes that every now and then it is good to rejuvenate, refresh, renew, refuel and all the other re's that make a person feel good. There is far too much stress and pressure on us in our daily lives that taking a break should be a necessity as opposed to an idea. Be it a mini vacation, a day holed up in the house with nothing but bubble bath and a book, or a 3 month trek across the Andes, it is good to get away sometimes.
But, until then, I still have to run amok and make sure I have earned the retreat! So off I go mumbling obscenities about deadlines and ad space...

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